Self-Care and Hawaii

Nov 28, 2006 by

For many people a trip to Hawaii is about the sites, the sounds, the flavors of Hawaii. It’s a trip to Pearl Harbor, Waikiki, and the Polynesian Cultural Center. If you’re really lucky you visit the outer islands.. a day in Maui, maybe a trip to Kauai.

However, Hawaii for me is about relaxing, centering, and getting really quiet inside and out. Hawaii to me is the Big Island, my dad’s home, my family.

I decided just the other day that I really need to be in Hawaii at least twice a year. It’s good for me. It grounds and centers me like no other place on earth. I made that decision on Saturday.

As of yesterday afternoon I have my next trip booked. How’s that for manifesting again?

My dad is going to have surgery in early January, and my step-mom will be traveling to the mainland in February. Therefore, I will go for a week in February while she is gone and hang with my dad. I don’t know if I’ll be bringing any cast-aways with me, because I’ll be pretty grounded at the house. (John required daily sight-seeing)

So my plan is to read, sleep, relax, write, study, and be still.

It’s not Waikiki, my friends. It’s sanity.

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  1. Sounds like an excellent plan, lianne. Someday I hope to have a plan. Or a clue. Either could be helpful to me. ;-)

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