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Nov 29, 2006 by

1 – number of times I hit the snooze button this morning.

15 – number of minutes it took me to get out the door this morning. How can it take that long to pull on gym clothes, brush my teeth, and get in the car?

28 – number of minutes on the treadmill

3.2 – my top speed (hey, I’m taking it easy on myself)

2,541 – number of times while on the treadmill I wished I had new shoes. These hurt my feet!

32 – number of ounces of water drunk (drank? gedrunken?) while on the treadmill

40 – number of minutes it took me to get dressed at the gym after I worked out. This included a shower, doing hair and makeup and making myself presentable for work. Oh, and trying to pass the IQ test of getting everything back in the suitcase I bring with all my crap.

387 – number of times I still felt slightly smug that I was at the gym this morning

387 – number of times I felt slightly uncomfortable knowing I was the only fat person at the gym

2 – the channel I watched while walking this morning

1469 - the number of times I wondered why there is such stupid stuff on TV in the morning.

687 – the number of times Glo warned me not to do *an homage to Omar because he was already so full of himself.

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  1. Wow, I’m impressed! I need to go to the/a/some/any gym. I have a treadmill here at home and need to get back on it daily, at least. I’m proud of you for getting up and out and doing it! And Glo didn’t warn me, so I’ve already been homage-ing. Yikes. Oh well.

  2. What? Omar Phillips is not full of himself! Omar Phillips of is the most down to earth guy Omar Phillips has ever met!

  3. Good on you again. I’m pulling for you–even if you’re stuck with crappy shoes. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  4. glo

    Omar is so full of himself! I can’t believe you’re feeding this!

    P.S. My fan website, I’m sure, we’ll not affect his ego. Just because he’s the best doesn’t mean that he should KNOW he’s the best. Right? Right?!

  5. I’m pretty sure it isn’t a good idea to “gedrunken” on the treadmill. You could fall or something.

  6. Lianne, compared to the median age of the people at the gym, where do you fall? Also, compared to all the young skinny girls, how many of them have had babies? When those young skinny girls pop out 4 kids and age 20 years, they’ll look like you and me. We earned our CURVES!

  7. Yeah!! I agree w/Elizabeth! That is, if you don’t live here. Then they DO have 4 kids and age 20 years, but still look the same as before (or better) and have had loads of “work”. So they don’t look anything like me/us.
    Still, she’s right. We earned our curves!

    As for Omar’s comment, I think he sounds suspiciously like Carl Lewis. (That doesn’t add to any purported humility.) :-D

  8. You know, I honestly don’t look at the other people. I don’t care about anything at that hour of the morning. If Ms Gym Rat wants to make fun of me… well, that is her thin little perogative.

    As for me… well, I’m doing this for me.

  9. glo

    Just remember – size matters. If she gets uppity, sneak up behind her as she bench presses and squash her mid-giggle. It’s a fantasy that got me through many a gym session before I moved to the boondocks of Los Angeles.

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