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Last week at BYU Elder Packer gave a talk about the importance of tuning out worldliness and really looking and acting like a Latter-day Saint. I agree with everything he said. However, so that everyone understands what is being discussed I present to you some options for hair styles that will fit with Elder Packer’s talk.

Elder Packer said, “You will be safe if you look like, act like and groom like a Latter-day Saint.” I agree with this statement completely. “Sometimes (holding to the rod) is so simple a thing as how you groom yourself,” he said, later mentioning “girls who incessantly tease their hair so as to look like it hasn’t been combed” as an example of poor grooming.

OK, let’s talk about that “teasing” of the hair. My first example is one of our esteemed former General Relief Society Presidents, Barbara Smith. Fantastic woman, a leader in her time. But anyone who doesn’t think that hair is teased, is kidding himself or herself. That woman’s hair was manicured to within an inch of its life. However, as anyone who has attended Relief Society knows, this is a “spiritual” hair-do for many past and present RS Presidents.

Now, for another example of teasing. To the right may I present “BUBS” or Big Utah Bangs. These are teased, sprayed, formed to perfection. Although they were more popular in the 80′s, they can still be found in Lehi, Magna, and Helper. BUBS have been associated with blue eyeshadow and poking out the eye of other people standing too close.

I think this is more the hairstyle that Elder Packer was thinking about. I mean, honey, that thing looks like it might eat you! She obviously has small animal living in there, and they feed off the crumbs she leaves in her bed at night. This is not LDS appropriate hair, except for maybe Halloween or a Road Show.

Elder Packer wants us to be stylish, but moderate in our appearance. He understands that the youth in the Church who try to live by the example of Britney (oops, no underpants!) or Paris (oops, no underpants or IQ, but I have money to cover it) are going to find themselves in a world of hurt. I think these moderate yet stylish hairstyles would be considered appropriate.

long-hair.jpgveryshort05.jpg long5.JPG

That last one may have a little too much teasing. You’d have to check with your Bishop on that one. Perhaps if you were going to UVSC rather than BYU it would be acceptable.

It is obvious that the youth of the Church have a hard time discerning what is fashionable and what is extreme. Remember the piercing scandal a few years back? I mean, kids, let’s get real here. Adults do not like this kind of thing!

If you want extremes, just go down to the local Cosmetology School. I have to say, when Julia went through school, she really did well. She didn’t come home every other week with blue hair, or magenta hair, or extensions, or anything too bizarre. But some of those girls… well, let’s just say that teasing is only the beginning of the problem.

So, let’s listen to a prophet’s voice and show a little moderation. I hope this pictorial will assist all of you to determine the extent of your adherence to the curling “iron rod” with regards to your hair.

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  1. Oh my heck!!!

    Freakin’ (or is it flippin’?) hilarious post! At our house, we call BUBs either “The Cougar Claw” or BTH (Bangs to Heaven). But no matter what you call them, they are still hideous. That third picture still gives me the shudders. That was some serious teasing there. How in the world did the photographer figure out how to center the portrait? Sheesh!

  2. Lianne, you crack me up. So, if my dad goes Tongan to church (meaning in a wrap-around skirt) will he pass muster? I mean, really, do we all have to look exactly exactly the same? :)
    As a person who definitely had big hair in the 80s, sometimes I wish it would come back–I could really do that style well.
    Since you brought it up, let’s talk about girls who do the pony in the back with it poofed up a little. I think that is just weird–it looks like they’re trying to cover up a big goose-egg–definitely ratted to get that volume.
    Here’s my big beef about dress. Now some of this may be jealousy on my part, but seriously, I don’t understand how skin-tight tops are modest. I see not just teens showing their business, but grown women who should know better, flaunting their mammaries. If I were a young (or even old) man, I would certainly be distracted by the b00bs that look as if they might reach out at slap me.
    And I seriously cannot stand it when women wear low rise jeans and then bend over and about 5 inches of their religion is showing. I don’t say anything because it really isn’t my business, but I wish I had a snappy line that I could say in a helpful, older/wiser way that would get my point across. Any advice?

  3. Don’t you remember the days when if you didn’t have a denim jumper you were ostracized from RS? I am so totally against the “Stepford Wives” look about how we all have to look the same.

    We have some boobalicious women in our ward who have no qualms about cleavage, skin-tight T’s or even skipping the required undergarments to wear a certain dress. It strikes me as strange, but then, hey, I”m a fat woman.

    I remember attending a “Know Your Religion” conference a few years back and thinking “Man, LDS women have NO sense of taste or fashion.” And that wasn’t even about modesty!

    So, I’ll just wear my denim jumper on Sundays and shut up.

  4. You totally crack me up. You nailed it! I’m with you on the tight stuff. When it’s tight enough it’s practically see-through I have an issue with people being smug about somehow being more modest than someone with a shorter skirt or short sleeves.

  5. IM NOT CORRECTING AN APOSTLE, I’M REALLY NOT, I’M JUST SAYING if one of Elder Packers grand daughters would have attended Bon Lossee, he would have known that it’s called “back combing” now, not “teasing”. Only bad girls “tease”. This HFM “back combs”! Woot!

  6. Is Bon Lose even still around? I used to get my hair done there by a guy named Chad. But then he moved to a place next door on the upper level.
    Thank you for backing me, Compulsive and Lianne. We need to anonymously send Elder Holland’s talk to these ladies, certain parts of it highlighted.
    Okay, who’s brave enough to do it with me? ;)

  7. Do you think that girl could fit through a doorway? My money is that she walked with a permanent slouch…

  8. glo

    I am so sorry I missed this at first posting.

    Where did you *get* that BUBS picture. Oh – poor girl!

    Utah, Utah, Utah. Home of the big hair, white makeup, and half-curse. It’s a strange world, but one I love.

  9. Funny, funny!!
    I love the “spiritual” hair do line! Nobody but the Holy Ghost would tell someone to style their hair like that.

    I always do my research before going into a hair salon and bring photos of what I want to look like. But I found that all my past stylist just sent me out of there looking exactly like they did so now I just let my husband hack it at will and keep my fingers crossed.

    I want that middle girl’s hair style.

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