The Cleanse – Day 2

Jul 27, 2005 by

First the good news: Brent did not die, as he had supposed. He will likely hold this experience against me for the rest of our lives, but he did live to see another day.

More good news: the cayenne is going to be taken in capsules. That means it will only burn in one area, not in our mouths, throats, and esophagouses. (sp)

I am actually feeling pretty good today, not quite as spacey as yesterday, although I have a slight headache. I am not hungry, which is a good thing.

Brent said all day yesterday all he wanted to do was to watch the cooking channel. I must admit, everytime there was a commercial for food, I watched intently.

There were moments last night when I was thinking to myself, “What the hell have I gotten myself into”, and then Brent and I had the discussion, “When are we ending this thing?”

I am still going to power through towards Saturday. It’s only 5 days… I know I could go longer, but we shall see.

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