Cleanse, Day 3

Jul 28, 2005 by

This is the day you are supposed to start feeling really good. I haven’t gotten there yet. Although I don’t feel bad, per se, I don’t feel great. My bach aches a little and I feel weak.

And I’m sick of pooping.


I’m working from home this morning because Kjarsti has an orthodontist appointment and Brent had to go into the office. It’s ok, because things at work are very quiet as all the Execs have flown the coop.

I ran out of juice yesterday and that made me feel very weak all afternoon. As long as I can keep sipping the juice, I feel great. Also, the cayenne in a capsule was an inspired concept.

But enough about cleansing… (and yes, it is an all consuming experience)

I just realized that I haven’t gotten together with my small group from Alchemists, and that I seem to be the only one interested in getting everyone together. I’ll send everyone an email again and see if I get a response. I don’t know why they elected me the leader, and how that happened. I want someone else to be in charge!

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