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Jan 26, 2007 by

I’m done with January, the weather, winter. I want out. I have taken to PRAYING that the weather will change. We are now on day 12 of an inversion, and for those of you not familiar with the term inversion, it looks like this:

When I lived in LA we called it “smog”. It happens when we get caught in a high pressure, and the cold, dirty hair is literally trapped in the valley.


But hey, the people at the Sundance Film Festival are enjoying almost 50° weather in the mountains!

My eyes are red and sore, my lungs are hurting, my sinuses are filled with enough hazardous material to call in a HazMat Team, and I want this to be done.


This is our morning sunrise in Provo. You can barely see the mountains.

When the weather gets like this it just feels yucky. All we need is a storm to blow it all away, and as you can see from the forecast that isn’t happening any time soon.

So, please send all your love, and wind, and weather good thoughts this way.

Oh, and here is a picture of the cute MINIVAN I am driving, thanks to Nat and Rich in my ward. Please buy it from them. :) Kjarsti is such a butt, everytime we get in it she says, “Oh my gosh! I feel like signing up for soccer!”


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  1. I just abhor this time of year–we should have a season called inversion. We get them, too, and I remember how nasty they could be in your valley. When it’s like that here, my daughter’s asthma gets bad. January/February is the worst. We’re absolutely balmy compared to the cold. The kids are running around at recess without coats-Hellooo! It’s still in the 30s!!!

  2. wendela

    I’d have a rough time dealing with your “inversion”. I’ve heard about it. Had a friend who was an RN in UT and she said the asthma was much worse there than she saw working here in CA. Here, the air seems to actually be much better than the smog L.A.’s been know for in the past- defintely cleaner than when I was a kid and we had constant smog alerts.
    Mini-van: no comment. ;-)
    Bright spot: Hawaii isn’t far off for you!

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