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Jan 29, 2007 by

A marvelous woo weekend! Yeah for my Woo Friends! Let’s hear it for Girls’ Night Sleepovers!

Friday night was a Beading Night at Jan’s with dear, dear friends. We talked, we laughed, we ate yummy food, drank Diet Coke and stayed up late.

We learned that the “Stone for 2007″ is Tiger Eye, because this is a year of MANIFESTATION!  So, let’s get manifesting!  Of course, that means you have to be really clear about what you want, or you will manifest your fears and your negative thoughts as well.

Saturday I stayed at Jan’s in my jammies all day making more jewelry for her business.  People would drop in periodically, we’d eat and drink yummy things, and around 6:00 I headed home (still in my jammies).

Yesterday was a great day at church and I had a “PROUD MOTHER” moment when Julia taught Relief Society.  She is just the cutest thing, and everyone is in love with her.  The spirit she brings is so light and pure.

My Poodle Boy came home briefly between working in Wyoming (he heads out again tomorrow)  It was good to see him after two weeks.  He is taking a term off of school and will return to finish the 4th term.  He is still on track to graduate early next year.

The requisite Sunday Nap was followed by much puttering and cleaning and all in all it was a very good day, and a most excellent weekend!

And I have to add that I am FINALLY back to 100% after the accident.  Now, if we could just get the air cleaned out, I wouldn’t feel like I have to take a shower every 5 minutes. (Salt Lake air quality FIVE times worse than Los Angeles!)

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  1. glo

    Glad to hear your back in fine woo and mothering form – good on ya, lady!

  2. It’s about time for an “Eye Of The Tiger” resurgence. After all, it’s the thrill of the fight and rising up to the challenge of a rival. So, is that Survivor song back in for Year Of The Tiger Eye too? Everyone needs a theme song by which to bead by.

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