Cleanse – The End

Jul 30, 2005 by

Today we officially ended our cleanse. We did it at a High Priests’ dinner, but I was good and didn’t have any meat or bread, only veggies and fruit. Well, ok, I had some ice cream, but Brent ate meat… and bread. (He claims that because I broke the cleanse first he won. Who knew it was a competition?)

Looking back I can say it was a good thing. For one, it did demonstrate that on some very small level I do indeed have some ability to be disciplined. Secondly, well, my colon thanks me. Thirdly, I dropped 12 pounds, 6 of which I likely gained back tonight. I will definitely do this again. Brent even suggested we do it a few days each week. We’ll see about that.

Kjarsti and I had Mommy Daughter day. She is still not feeling well, has had a low-grade flu for several days. But we managed to hit Dillards and happen upon a most excellent sale! I purchased a bra for $11 and a Fossil watch I have been eyeing for months reduced from $65 to $23. I love bargains!

So tonight for the High Priests’ dinner we went up to a cabin owned by one of the people in our ward. It is only 25 minutes away and it is absolutely beautiful! I was once again reminded that if I ever win the lottery (although that would mean that I would have to play the lottery) I would build a cabin for my progenitors. It was amazing to see the deer in the backyard, and to realize I was only 20 minutes from a grocery store or a gas station to buy a Diet Coke.

Speaking of Diet Coke… I’m still off the stuff. Now, before you think I’m all holy and righteous, I am not at all sure that my lack of Coke drinking has made me a better person. In fact, I don’t plan to continue my DC fast for much longer. Frankly, I wasn’t in the mood for one today. (Yes, even I was shocked)

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