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Feb 23, 2007 by

Thank you for all the marvelous birthday wishes yesterday. The big news for my birthday is that I finally bought my new car and WHOA baby is it a beauty. (I wanted you to hear me say that as if I was Steve Irwin. Go ahead, read it again. See, wasn’t that GREAT?)

So, I’m 51 now. I feel great. I’m totally enjoying this second half of life thing. I highly recommend it. I get to drive a car that is pure sex (more on the Woo Mobile later), I get to dress how I want. I have TiVo. I travel with my kids. I’m healthy. I have a great sense of humor and I can cook only when I want to. OH, and I now officially have someone come in and clean my house. Life is GREAT!

So, there is so much to write about Hawaii and how amazing Julia is as a travel companion. I mean, I just want to put her in my back pocket and take her everywhere. She is low-key, funny, easy to please, eats anything, is always up for something a little woo. She is PERFECT.

We had a fantastic time. It was all about family, showing off the beautiful island to Jude, shopping, walking, watching movies (yes, I seem to be in a movie “thing” now) and just relaxing.


It was great to visit with my Dad and have him healthy. When I was there in November he spent most of the time in bed being sick. This time we actually got to do some of his favorite sight-seeing trips and he so thoroughly enjoyed showing Julia “his” island.


We also got to see my sister (step)  Westerly and her kids.  We went to Hapuna, a great beach on the other side of the island on Monday and swam in azure waters, ate sushi, watched the whales go by (absolutely amazing for me, great whale-loving woman) and just had a blast.


As mentioned in previous post, we also saw Joshua, his daughter Kameryn, and his grandmother.  I thought you’d like a picture.  Josh is half Filipino, half Morrow.   Here is Julia and Josh… half-siblings.


There will be more later today… I have to tell you about the FREAKING SNOW…  It is snowing on my new car and I am not ok with this.

More later.. don’t want to overwhelm my little “bleaders” (blog readers).

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  1. Overwhelm away! Yay for feeling good about the b-day and life and, wow, a great car, too. Looks like a fantastic trip! You definitely sound too upbeat to be posting as “Bleak Blogger”. Any suggestions out there, fellow “bleaders”, of what lianne should now be calling herself?? :-D

  2. I totally meant to change that… and I will. I’m going to call myself “Blog Goddess”.

  3. Subtract the skin tone difference, and Julia and Josh do have a lot of similarities which is odd because Julia is like a clone of you.I can’t hula but I can hula hoop and I look great in a coconut bra (with a turtleneck underneath). All I need is my mom to want to take a fantastic Hawaiian adventure too.

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