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Feb 26, 2007 by

The Oscars:

1. Helen Mirren’s dress was perfect and by far my favorite. In fact, I want to be Helen Mirren. I hope she becomes “Dame” Helen Mirren, although that is highly unlikely since she is Number #3 on Queen Elizabeth’s hit list. (Behind TonyMajors and Camilla Parker-Bowels (oh my I think I spelled the incorrectly but won’t change it no matter how much you beg)-Windsor.)

2. Ellen was mediocre. I’m sorry, I think she can be quite charming in her way, but as Simon would say, “The song was too big for you.” And please, how many UGLY pantsuits can one woman wear?

3. Dresses we hated: Nicole Kidman’s bondage dress in red, Kirsten Dunsts’ grey “dress of death”, and Anne Hathaway’s “Rabid Butterfly Bow” dress.

4. Dresses we loved: Helen’s, of course, Reese Witherspoon’s purple retro dress (looking deliciously thin and gorgeous), Penelope Cruz’ feathers (she pulled it off, what can I say?), Gwyneth’s salmon bondage dress (which was less bondagey than Nicole’s), and of course, Queen Latifa’s black dress and Jennifer Hudson’s red dress. Let’s hear it for the big girls!

5. The Go Fug Yourself girls blogged the Oscars. This dialogue is far better than the actual show.

6. Although the women with long straight hair are beautiful, it is bugging me. Beyonce had to continually move her hair, as did Gwyneth, Nicole, and Celine. Ladies, use hairspray or bobby pins. But quit fiddling with your hair!

Woo Girls:

1. Hanging with the Woo Girls is fantastic. Beading with the Woo Girls is amazing. But eating birthday cake, getting presents, beading, and hanging with the Woo Girls is the BEST Birthday!!!!

2. Knowing that there are people in this world who love me for who I am and really see who I am is a wonderful gift.

3. I have Woo Girls in many different states. I am blessed to be loved by so many all over the place.

4. You can never have enough bracelets as Jan and Deb are illustrating.

Movie Madness Continues:

1. As discussed previously on this blog, I have rediscovered the movies. I am not just talking theatrical shows, but the beauty of Netflix.

2. Friday night encorporated “Memoirs of a Geisha” and my birthday present from Kate (knitting needles, a delicious yarn, and a recipe for a great scarf). Brent hung in the basement and I had quiet time in my room.

3. I think I want to see Babel. Am I crazy? Is it way too angsty? Well, I put it in my queue, so we shall see.

Week to Come:

1. It’s a busy week. I start teaching piano tomorrow. I had nightmares about the new Clavinova I have to use. I’m sure it will be fine, I just have to get my head on.

2. I want some quality quiet time. I have lots of things to study, to practice, and to think about. It seems that when I am home I am bombarded by the TV and people, and I would really like about three hours to quietly sit and do some thinking and reading.

3. I’m cutting my nails. My hand are not attractive, in fact, my mother used to call them “Pioneer Hands” (Jerry Seinfeld would call them “man hands”). But my long, artificial nails are coming off because of piano. I’m not really that bummed… I get to drive with man hands in my new car.

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  1. One of these days I’m going to make myself learn to do something crafty with my hands like knit or crochet. I think I’m trying too hard or something. I’ve tried learning both left and right handed, but neither way feels correct.
    I have little squatty hands–my mom and sister have the long, slender hands/fingers. I suppose my hands match the rest of me, so that is a good thing, right?
    I can’t stand the sound of fingernails on piano keys, so for your students’ sake, I thank you. :)

  2. glo

    Oh! Thigns are so wonderful for you now! I love the new car – glad you self-indulged a bit! You’ll be a fantastic piano teacher!

    Happy birthday and many lovely returns! You deserve a life surrounded by those who know and love you! Best wishes in all things!

    P.S. Totally agree about the hair. Big ick on the long, stringy stuff.

  3. glo

    Yikes. Okay. Need remedial spelling classes. Alas and alack.

  4. glo

    FYI: She is a DAME…so raspberries to the Queen, eh?


  5. Happy belated birthday!

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