Wherein I am Interviewed by Ryan Seacrest

Feb 28, 2007 by

ryan_and_lianne.jpgRyan: I am thrilled today to be interviewing Lianne Hatch on today’s program. Lianne, it’s been a while since we’ve visited, hasn’t it?

Lianne: Yes, Ryan. I’ve been really busy since we last spoke. But I’m excited to be here today.

Ryan: So tell me, Lianne, what kinds of things are keeping you busy? I understand you were in an auto accident a while back.

Lianne: Yes, but I’m feeling much better now aside from some twinges in my back now and then. But the good news is I have a new car and I feel like a celebrity in it.

Ryan: Lianne, you are a celebrity. Duh.

Lianne: (laughing) I forget sometimes.

Ryan: So, what projects are you involved in right now?

Lianne: Well, I’ve been doing a lot of traveling, but I’m home now for a while. I’m expanding my range of experience. I just started teaching piano again, and although there was a learning-curve, it came back to me pretty quickly. I don’t think I frightened any of the children too badly. Getting up and down off the ground was a bear though. Can you say “toe cramps?”

Ryan: (laughing and flirting a little) I’m sure you did a wonderful job. I’ve also heard you’ve been taking a lot of classes lately. Tell me you’re not into Scientology!

Lianne: Um, no. Although I respect the Cruises for their religious/spiritual choices, Scientology isn’t for me. I’m more into the woo.

Ryan: Woo?

Lianne: You know, the esoteric things like past life experiences, channeling, and astral travel.

Ryan: You’re kidding?

Lianne: Yes. I am kidding. Actually I’m taking classes towards a PhD in Spiritual Life Coaching. And believe me, Shirley McLain isn’t one of my teachers. Although we are good friends.

Ryan: She’s awesome, for a silly old bat.

Lianne: Yeah, and she knows she’s a silly old bat. But I love her.

Ryan: What else is going on for you? You seem really happy and at peace. By the way, you look fabulous for your age.

Lianne: Hey, being over 50 is the bomb! I can do anything I want, say anything I want, and I have come fully into my bootyliciousness. What could be better? I have great friends, (we call ourselves the “Woo Girls”), I have hobbies that make me happy, I have a great family… life is good.

Ryan: So how is the family?  You have such great kids.

Lianne: Yes I do, although I was up all night with a barfing 14-year-old.  She feels terrible!  My older son wants to move to Hawaii, but I’m trying to disuade him, and my younger son ran up the phone bill.  My older daughter wants to find some normal boys to date, but we’re a little short on them in Utah County. Kids.  Gotta love ‘em.

Ryan: So, I just have to ask you… what’s on your TiVo?

Lianne: Ryan, you silly boy… You are, of course. I never miss American Idol, and I thought your coverage of the Red Carpet was spectacular. You know I’m loving Grey’s Anatomy, but I want to say this to the producers: “Work with Kate Heigle… if we lose Izzy, the show will tank!”

Ryan: Who are you listening to these days?

Lianne: Well, I have great friends who send me suggestions. I’m really enjoying KT Tungsall, Anna Nalick, and I still pull out my Joni Mitchell when I want to listen to an old friend.

Ryan: Well, Lianne, it has been so good to see you. Congratulations on your fabulous life. Remember who loves you baby.

Lianne: I know, Ryan, you are my special pet.

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  1. You totally crack me up. That is brilliant. Where are the handers-out-of-blog-awards when you need them?

  2. glo

    Lianne. Darling. I say this only as a fellow celebrity could to a wonderful and equally famous friend…Would you please eat a sandwich? Those ribs are not attractive sticking out of your neck like that!

  3. Melody

    So you are friends with Shirley MacLaine too!? (Don’t worry about the mis-spelling of her name. I won’t tell.) I got all my healing powers from her.

    I know I’m not a regular, but when I’m around I can’t resist your blog. You are indeed a goddess.

  4. Melody

    Sorry, I accidentally posted twice and because you are a blog goddess and I am not, I have no idea how to get the duplicate off… can you or your woo do something to help?

  5. Fantastic post :) Did that sly Ryan try any funny business while the cameras where pointed elsewhere? What a cad. I’m sure you can handle him though! That hue of purple looks spectacular on you.

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