A Proud Moment

Mar 28, 2007 by

So… I get this text last night. “Mom, what should I name my blog?”

My heart just leapt. My daughter, Julia, the most amazing story-teller I know, the one with the life that is so fun, so exciting, so re-inacted every evening is jumping into blogdom.

So, I get home and she has finised her first post. And the name of her blog…. Wait for it….

You Love My Life

And we do. We will all love her life.

So, my little friendternets, please go to her blog, leave her comments, and tell her how delighted you all are that she is blogging.

You Love My Life


I have promised you pictures.. and here are pictures.  The scarf I am wearing was just finished on Monday night.  Kate gave me the yarn for my birthday with the instructions.  Isn’t the color delicious?


And here I am in the Woo Mobile in my very own garage:


Of course I’m happy!  I’m in my Lexus!

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  1. She is adorable.

  2. What a sweet moment…congratulations. =)

  3. I realize I run the risk of everyone only reading Julia’s blog… but hey, she’s my kid!

  4. (I’m practicing.)

    And how could one not be happy in a Lexus, I ask you?

    OK, running now to check on your darling daughter’s blog,

    Looking forward to lunch tomorrow (which, at this point in the night, is actually today now).

    (Being very excited for the upcoming launch, too!)

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