Intuitive Life Coaching

“Why the heck do I need a coach?”

Good question. Think about what it is like to be able to open up and share your questions and concerns with a loving friend. However, many times our friends are way too close to us to really be able to discern what it is that we need to shift in our lives. And besides, who wants their friends to tell them what’s wrong and what to do?

Experiencing an intuitive life coaching session is rather like sitting with a good friend, but one who can see you as the divine perfect being that you are. Lianne tunes in to your angels, your energy, and listens carefully to the way you speak, and the way you move your body.

Without telling you what to do, Lianne lovingly guides you to some new realizations and new ways of being, so that your life can shift into greater light and love.

Incorporating the gentle healing practices of mindfulness, meditation, journaling, and intuitive guidance, your transition to a more peaceful and loving outlook on your world and your situation will be easy.  We are all about easy.

Just drop Lianne an email, and she’ll explain the whole process to you, and then you can proceed to make an educated decision about working with her.