Help Our Puppy

Jan 20, 2013 by


linda lou

Linda Lou and her mommy, Cassidy

linda foot

Linda Lou with her injured foot

WE DID IT!  We raised the money to pay the vet bill!  THANK YOU!


UPDATED: Monday Morning: Linda Lou is still at the vet’s office. They don’t know if her foot was removed or not. The vet still hasn’t given them a total for the bill, but they estimated it around $1,000. As of this morning we have raised $365, which touches my heart in a way that I can’t even express.

Linda Lou, the adorable pit-bull was shot three times today in the foot by a policeman in Troy, Alabama on Sunday, January 20th.  She is now at the vet’s having surgery.  There is a chance she may lose her foot.

The dog did not attack the policeman, but came up to him in greeting.  The gun was pulled and fired three times.

The vet in Troy, Alabama says he will take the vet to the pound where she will be euthanized by Saturday, January 26th if the full bill is not paid. (I had mistakenly said the vet would euthanize her, and that was not right)

I understand that everyone is strapped financially, but your $5 or $10 donation could save this dog’s life.